AGNAP was inaugurated in the UK in June 1988. It was awarded the Guyana Medal of Service in 1991 and granted charitable status in the ‘UK in June 1996. It conducted its first educational visit to Guyana in 1992, which was the catalyst for the creation of the Guyana Cancer Society, from which has now sprung the statutory body, the Guyana Cancer Board.

In 1993/4 AGNAP initiated the Audiology Project, in conjunction with the Commonwealth Society for the Deaf, through which Guyana now has a comprehensive, all-age service for people with impaired hearing. AGNAP also gives support to the Beacon Foundation and the Periwinkle Club, both of which support cancer sufferers. Since 2004 AGNAP has been giving support to the Guyana Sickle Cell Association in its development to offer a clinical service to sickle cell disease and thalassaemia sufferers, and has so far facilitated the training of medical and nursing staff in the UK to care for such sufferers. For many years AGNAP has also given support to nursing education in Guyana through awards and bursaries via the University of Guyana and three general nurse training schools in Guyana. AGNAP is equally committed to supporting doctors, nurses, therapists and all other healthcare professionals. The above examples are not exclusive and details of AGNAP many other activities can be had from the contact given below.


AGNAP, in keeping with its philosophy of helping Guyana, a developing country, is committed to providing aid and support for the country’s healthcare service and professionals, thereby helping to promote the good health of the people of Guyana.


AGNAP currently has six patrons, a president and two vice-presidents. It is managed by an executive committee comprising a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, assistant treasurer, fund-raising secretary, publicity officer, two elected members and a number of co-opted members. There are three working groups: Fund-raising, Education and Newsletter.


  1. To relieve sickness in Guyana
  2. To help in the advancement of education, particularly among health professionals in Guyana and the U.K.
  3. To help in the preservation and protection of public health by providing information and advice.
  4. To relieve hardship in Guyana, particularly among those who are economically disadvantaged.
  5. To affiliate with institutions and other charitable bodies in Guyana and the U.K. which promote health education and welfare of the local people.


These fall into one or more of four categories:

  • Charitable.
  • Educational. Each year The AGNAP Talk is held at Croydon Town Hall on a health-related topic.
  • Fundraising. This includes food and other fairs, dances, luncheons, the Annual Concert at Central Hall, Westminster and similar activities.
  • Socia.l Occasions, some comprised above, which afford members the opportunity to socialise and renew old acquaintances.


Executive meetings are held monthly. General meetings are held on the last Saturday of every other month.